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Legal Services

Real Estate Law
Selling or Buying a property in Spain?
Our property conveyancing services provide you with all you can need to buy or sell a property in Spain. You can count on us to guide you through the complex Spanish conveyancing system, saving you both time and money. We are conveyancing solicitors and tax experts, so we can provide you the best service.

Renting a property in Spain?
Whether you are the owner of a rented property, or the tenant of a house or office, we can help you
Business Law
Setting up a business in Spain? Moving your business to Spain?
Great! Spain offers you a lot of possibilities for your business. But you must be carefully making your decisions: What ́s the better way to set up a business in Spain?

Do you need help handling your business?
Bussiness consulting, contracts, debts, investments, litigation …

We’ve been over 15 years helping self-employed, freelancers and companies all over Spain …
Tax & Accounting
“In this world nothing can be said certain, except death and taxes” (Benjamin Franklin, 1789)

Let’s start working on it!

We offer nationwide accounting and tax services to English-speakers with businesses in Spain. Whether you are a sole-trader setting-up a single person business or an international company setting-up a new branch in Spain we can help you.

Not a business?… well, we can help you with your taxation in Spain.
Labor Relations – HR
Labor Relations are one of the most important things in our lives. A good relationship between companies and employees is essential.

Our firm has Labour experts advising both companies and employees.

In the case of individuals, our labour attorneys can help you with issues such as unfair dismissals, accidents at workplace and other labour issues.

Do you have any labour issue?

Do you know our HR & Payroll services for business?
Wills & Probate
We advise on the management of our clients’ personal assets in the most favourable way for the interests of their families for assets located in Spain.

Are you a heir or beneficiary for any asset or property in Spain?

Do you need a Spanish Will?

Our wills and inheritance service provides you with legal and tax advice for making a will that suits your particular situation.
Civil & Family Law
Civil Law generally speaking relates to the majority of non Criminal Law matters (civil liability, contracts, litigation, …) Can we help you?

This also includes Family Law

What can we say? Your family is important to you. That’s why resolving family issues is important to us.

Whether you are going through a Divorce or seeking contact with your child, one of our solicitors can assist
Immigration Law
You can count on an expert immigration team to solve all your requirements.

Any matter with your residence permit? Do you need a NIE?

Management of Work Permits?

Do you know what’s a “Golden Visa”?

Have you received an expulsion notice?

Our Immigration & Aliens Service will help you.
Criminal Law
A Court notice?

Have you been arrested?

If you are facing criminal charges, or you are under investigation …
Have no doubt: you need legal help (a potential jail sentence and/or criminal record could be a part of your life forever).

We have Lawyers specializing in Criminal Law, prepared to represent and defend our clients in case they face certain offenses and penalties.

You will have the best defense.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Prompt, professional, friendly, explained everything clearly, went above and beyond the necessary to make things easy.

M. O’Dwyer – Alhama (Granada)

Jaime was very responsive, represented value for money and was very professional and helpful. I was very satisfied with his advice.

K. Neylon – Poland & Australia

All tax returns are handled online, so I don’t need to go anywhere to accomplish my tax obligations in Spain. Although the service is provided mainly by internet, Jaime met me when necessary, and I can always contact quickly him or his team by phone, email, skype and even whatsapp. Jaime and his team have been really helpful during the setting-up process of my business.

P.T. – Benalmadena (Malaga)

I was very satisfied with the short time it took to set-up my documents and register me as autonomo initially. Now I’m happy with the service, and if I have any questions I have them answered quickly and the answers are always easy to understand. The service represents excellent value for money.

Nikolay Denev – Cádiz

Very knowledgeable and competent – Very friendly and helpful – Very good English and reasonable prices – Not trying to rip us off.

Florian Burkart – Barcelona

Jaime was extremely helpful and professional. He was happy to meet all of our requests and made our transaction extremely simple. Everything was explained clearly and all of our questions were answered. We also felt that the service provided to us, offered great value for money and we would highly recommend Jaime to other individuals.

B. Clarke – Jayena (Granada)

Jaime was punctual and very professional. He was very polite, well dressed and well mannered. He spoke English perfectly. He had everything at hand to complete everything that we required at the appointment so there was no need to arrange a further appointment. He could not have done more for us and we would rate his service as 10 out of 10 and more.

Tom Collinson – UK

This was our first ever purchase of a property in Spain. Jaime kept us fully informed of developments and ensured we were on track with all the legal paperwork. He was very approachable and very professional without losing that personal touch. The service was exceptionally good value for money and we would gladly recommend Jaime.

Francis & Caroline – UK/Estepona

Jaime explained clearly his fees and what the process of buying a property in Spain would involve. We were able to arrange wills for signing at the notary on the same day as the property purchase. All in all everything went very well – we received a good service at a reasonable cost.

Pamela R.B. – Durham

Jaime provided an excellent introduction to Spain and its property laws and requirements. He worked hard – while the rest of Spain took August holidays – to push forward our purchase, interrupting his own holiday on many occasions.

Dr. Tim Morris – Juviles (Granada) / Oxford


Certificado de libre venta y consumo

El certificado de libre venta y consumo o Certificado de Origen es un documentos expedido por la Cámara de Comercio. El cual acredita que el producto a exportar es conforme a la legislación española y de comercialización libre en España. Dichos certificados pueden ser solicitados al exportador por ser obligatorios para la importación en el

Administración Electrónica TGSS

A partir del pasado día 1 de octubre de 2.018, los trabajadores por cuenta propia (autónomos) tienen la obligación de hacer todos los trámites a través de la Administración Electrónica de la TGSS. Incluyendo la firma y recepción de notificaciones, conforme a la Orden Ministerial ESS/214/2018, de 1 de marzo. Para ello están habilitadas las